This Thursday, far left extremists linked to various “Antifa” style organisations engaged in a cowardly attack from behind of Identitarian activist and co-leader of Generation Identity in the U.K., Tom Dupré.

Included below are just some of the vile, bragging tweets and messages from these accounts celebrating ABH on the streets of London. We trust all recipients will use their integrity and treat these messages the same way they would any other form of extremism – highlighting them to the general public so that they can remain informed about the dangerous groups operating, quite openly, in our country today.

The silence from the media on far left extremism is shocking and has gone on for far too long. We are calling on all outlets to highlight the dangerous and extreme actions of these groups, of which this incident is only the latest example, and are launching a petition to ban Antifa style organisation from working in the U.K.

Chris Tomlinson from Breitbart points out the terrorist links the Halkevi Kurdish community centre in Hackney is associated with:

Chris Tomlinson has also shared documentation that shows that the London Antifa  Twitter account likes all the tweets of the violent attack on Tom Dupré:

We are determined not to be cowed by political violence, and for this reason, we are launching a petition to ban these thugs from operating in the U.K.