Banned from Facebook: Generation Identity Responds

Over recent weeks, Facebook has systematically removed Generation Identity’s presence from the platform. This has included content from the likes of France, Germany, Austria and the UK. In effect, the Movement has been barred from using the medium permanently. Whilst...

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Generation Identity, Sinister and Dangerous?

On Saturday 26th May, the Daily Mail released an article entitled ‘The Hipster Fascists: Well-dressed, highly educated and from respectable families. Why this new British far-Right group is the most sinister and dangerous yet.’ Such a headline is typical of the Mail....

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Setting the Record Straight: Our Response to the Sunday Times

As the fastest growing organisation of our kind in the UK and Irish Republic, Generation Identity regularly attracts the attention of the press. The most recent example is ‘The hipster fascists breathing new life into the British far-right’, which appeared today in...

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Social Media Censorship

PLEASE JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER BELOW Generation Identity, the Identitarian Movement, is being censored. We’re being censored by the social media giants and various governments because we refuse to submit our principles to the prevailing dogma....

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Martin Sellner and Bódi Ábel prevented from entering the UK

As most of you will know, Generation Identity has been planning and organising a major conference, which is taking place tomorrow on April 14th. As part of this, we had arranged for several activists from other European branches of Generation Identity to come to the...

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