(The following article is an abridged translation of an article written by Martin Lichtmesz for the German-language magazine Sezession entitled “Chemnitz: Angriff auf unsere Wahrheitssystems”.)

The mobilisation of the right-wing spectrum in Chemnitz and on the Internet is “a smear campaign against the German state and its institutions”, and an attack “on our truth systems”.

Yes, you read that correctly. The state premier of Saxony Michael Kretschmer actually used this strange term “truth systems” on August 28th. Did he change his mind when he spoke with people from Chemnitz two days later who were outraged about the coverage of their city by the mainstream media in particular, i.e. about the manufacturers and defenders of these “truth systems”?

On September 5th, Kretschmer later explained that there had been “no mob of people hunting down foreigners” in Chemnitz. This concession was wrapped up in the usual litany of reproaches against the AfD, which can be attributed entirely to the establishment and his own party, the centre-right CDU.

At present, Angela Merkel has not retracted or corrected the statement she made on August 28th:

“We have video evidence showing mobs of people hunting down foreigners, unlawful assemblies, hatred on the streets, which all runs completely contrary to the rule of law in this country.”

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert had stated on behalf of the German government on August 27th that “We do not accept these unlawful assemblies, hunts against people of a different appearance or the attempt to spread hatred on the street.”

Leading journalist Patrick Bahner claimed that the most urgent problem that Germany has is “To accept a citizen of different skin colour, language or religion as an equal, this is the imposition against which the mob resists. Encouraged by politicians who want to understand resentment as a legitimate concern.”

Asylum seekers and refugees are “citizens”? There is no “legitimate concern” when they act violently, make entire towns feel unsafe, commit rapes and other crimes, operate using false identities or when they should have been deported a long time ago.

Frank Haubold writes on the major German blog eigentümlich frei that this problem is anything but exaggerated:

“According to the Central Register of Foreign Nationals, there are 52,918 immigrants registered in Saxony, which are only 1.3 percent of the total population. According to police statistics, in 2017 alone 9,900 of these immigrants were suspected of having committed a crime, which is 10.37 percent of all suspects (91,507), and 17.9 percent of all immigrants registered in Saxony. This percentage is well above the national average (8.6 percent of all suspects and roughly ten percent of all immigrants respectively), which leads to the assumption that the state of Saxony gets allocated a disproportionately crime-prone quota of immigrants…

For example, more crimes were suspected of having been committed by people from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria than there even are people from these countries living in Saxony… but also asylum seekers from Libya, Georgia and Albania are above the national average, with more than 50% of them being suspected of committing crime…”


And not just in Chemnitz or in Saxony, but all over Germany. The most recent high-profile crime committed by a migrant took place in Offenburg in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg, where a doctor was stabbed in his surgery by a Somali in the presence of his daughter.

So, back to Chemnitz: the magazine Der Spiegel, the leading producer of government narratives in Germany, went all out with its usual subtlety and conjured up images once again of the Nazi East Germany, where people write in a Gothic font and where barbaric Neanderthal tribes dwell.

Thus the tried-and-tested, radioactive narrative was activated, with which the mind of German people can be switched off so effectively. It is a “truth system”, which tells an moralising, purposeful story and acts like a religion.

This was just one example of the concentrated flood of tendentious, contemptuous, manipulative, distorting coverage of the last few days. The writer Benedict Kaiser tweeted:

“The unreflecting, fact-resistant, predominantly West-Germany based Chemnitz-bashing by the ruling political-media class is reactionary and regressive. It involves the making disparaging comments about entire population groups: people from Saxony, the working classes, “proles”, “rednecks”, etc.”

This illusion of mobs of people hunting down foreigners persistently holds its ground, even though all the facts speak against the narrative which was propagated by the mainstream media. Both the police, the public prosecutor in Saxony and the Chemnitz local newspaper the Freie Presse have firmly denied that there had been any “hunts” against foreigners.

The only video “evidence” of a “hunt” is very meagre, showing one man running towards another man, who runs away from him. (As described by an eyewitness to the scene.)

Without a doubt, the mood in Chemnitz was at times extremely heated. There were “Hitler salutes”, firecrackers and bottles were thrown, and there was abuse and actual attacks, even against innocent people and bystanders. The journalist Alexander Wendt writes:

“It is also clear that about 50 violent people from the far-right and hooligan scene were present in a spontaneous demonstration of about 800 people on Sunday, August 26th after the killing of a young local in Chemnitz by two asylum seekers. Several passers-by were also abused and threatened by members of this group.”

The violence by no means exclusively came from “right wingers”. The AfD politician Ulrich Öhme reported on Facebook about an attack by left-wing extremists against young participants in the demo on the Monday after the attack, who were friends of the murder victim Daniel Hillig.

Afterwards, the 20 attackers set upon the five of them with kicks and punches. My daughter-in-law and two of the guys were able to get up and flee a few metres. The full brutality of the 20 was then focused on my son and his friend. Short but brutal. Afterwards, the perpetrators fled via Hartmannstraße into the park.

My son suffered several ruptured ribs and is still in hospital. The second friend’s nose was completely smashed, and he had to be operated on overnight.

All the victims were friends of Daniel, through hip-hop, football or going dancing. They are neither followers of a movement nor a party. But violence knows no reason. They just strike meaninglessly!

Of course, violence against foreigners also occurs from time to time, too. On Saturday 1st September, an Afghan man was beaten up in Chemnitz by a group of masked hooligans. In Wismar, a Syrian was attacked and beaten up last week. However, events of this kind are apparently so rare that the national TV news considers it worthwhile reporting on it, despite considering that Germans being murdered are only of “regional interest”.

What got lost in the bustle was the simple fact that one man had been fatally stabbed by a gang of Arab asylum seekers, and two others were seriously injured. While the mainstream press was salivating at the thought of mobs of people going around murdering and flogging people, they forgot that there had been a real victim and real violence. However, the perpetrators were not “Nazis” or “right-wingers”.

Once again, we are dealing with the phenomenon of the “hierarchy of victims”, the umpteenth repetition of the same drama every time, which this time however was aggravated, since in the meantime considerable opposition has formed to the practice of a ruling ideology, whose supporters are now behaving like drivers on the wrong side of the road.

Götz Kubitschek, the patriotic publisher and a key figure in the German patriotic activism scene wrote, “The usual thing happened on the way [to the demonstration], photographers crawling into your face with their lenses and insisting on their freedom of the press after taking your photo for the twentieth time. So far I haven’t found a good way to deal with this crude obtrusiveness.”

The hierarchy of victims also corresponds to a hierarchy of perpetrators. If Germans are the victims and foreigners the perpetrators, the usual suspects usually have nothing more urgent to do than to trivialise the incident and to redirect the problem to the imminent “danger from the right-wing”. The narrative of multiculturalism must be preserved at all costs. It must be made absolutely clear that there can be no alternative to the “colourful diversification” of the country through mass immigration, it’s a done deal and all we can do is accept it. The public may not be allowed to acknowledge that so-called “right-wingers” or “racists”, who must always be equated with murderous “neo-Nazis”, could be right on many issues.

If foreigners are the victims, then the crime is weighted quite differently. But only if the perpetrator can be identified as a German, “right-winger”, “Nazi” or “racist”. If the offender is also a foreigner, as in the case of the asylum seeker Khaled B. in Dresden, the left and the anti-racists suddenly lose all interest in the victim.

The victims always serve the political left to attack the political right as a whole, to demand more immigration and “diversity”, and to vilify and discourage any twitch of self-assertion or self-defence of the natives as “racism”. The German left-wing “anti-racism organisation” the Antonio Amadeu Foundation, whose leader claims to champion racial biopolitics in East Germany, saying “East Germany is too white”, has named itself after a victim of a racist attack for a reason.

The spate of asylum-seekers’ homes being set on fire was the main spark for the media’s claims in 2015/16 that “right-wing violence” in Germany was on the rise and for fuelling the fear of the political “right.” Although most cases are unresolved, and it is often asylum seekers who have turned out to be guilty – whether through arson or negligence – they have repeatedly been blamed on “neo-Nazis and opponents of Merkel’s asylum policies”.

Globalism, the political left, as well as all those who see equality as the ultimate goal of all political aspirations, need National Socialism and its various real or imaginary phenomena in a sense just as much as they pretend to fight it. It is the necessary sinister counterpart that purifies and morally legitimises their own stance.

Claudio Casula, from the widely-read German alternative media blog “Achse des Guten”, made the best joke about the next act of this facade:

“I’ve been gone for ten days. Say, Rock Against the Right concert in Chemnitz – what was going on there? Did Germans kill a migrant?”

“No, the other way round.”

Under the hashtag #Wirsindmehr [Wearemore], it was triumphantly announced that 65,000 people attended a free concert by well-known German left-wing bands held against “racism” and “right-wing hatred”, and in so doing properly showed the Nazi mob who the German people really were.

The whole madness of the stunt is reflected in the opening speech made at the concert. A lady who looked like an Antifa member wearing a shirt reading “Life is Better without Nazis” opened the concert undeterredly with the lie about the “migrant hunts”:

One week ago, people were chased here through the streets of this city. Refugees, migrants, black Germans, leftists, journalists. That’s why we’re here in Chemnitz today. You are great! … We all live differently and we think differently, and that’s really good. But about one thing, we speak with one voice. We don’t give space here for hunts against migrants. We give no place for racism. We are more! (…) We are anti-fascists. And we will not leave this city to the racists and the Nazis, and no other city either.

And finally, she outdid herself:

We all live and want to live. Let us remember together for a moment Daniel Hillig, who was taken away from his life. We all want to live without fear and without hatred. We all want to live without fear and without hatred, and so let us also remember the people who have become victims of right-wing violence and hatred in this country. I ask you to remain silent for a minute.”

The only thing the announcer didn’t do was declare herself to be a victim or a potential victim. This speech is a mindless indulgence of feelings and virtue signaling. A German (even with a “migration background”) is killed by asylum seekers, and the Left holds a party to commemorate the victims of “right-wing violence”.

It went so far that someone even put up a “Refugees Welcome” banner at the crime scene with not a single sense of irony. Prominent members of the German centre-left party SPD also showed up to pose for a relaxed, happy selfie.

After the audience – mostly young and almost across the board “white German”, to use the latest leftist buzzword – had worked their way through the thirty-second minute of silence, they threw themselves into the party against “fascism, homophobia, racism and the crazy AfD”, in the words of Kraftklub front man Felix Brummer. The rapper Casper advertised his new album and encouraged the crowd not to despair about this sometimes gloomy world:

“Being here today is proof that the world can be happy, diverse and wonderful.”


These infantile excesses, with rainbow aesthetics, heart-swelling and feel-good anti-racism, mixed with hardcore left-wing radicalism and sponsored by Coca-Cola, even alienated some more thoughtful leftists, namely Sabine Sieble from the SPD, who wrote:

“Nevertheless, such cheerful and clueless demo tourism has alienated me, and even more so the militant anti-fascists. When the situation in the city threatened to escalate at different stages, and a band at our demo did everything to reverse the motto “heart instead of hatred” with their lyrics and speeches, I cried. I have never cried for my hometown before. I had no reason. But I cried at the moment when I realised that Chemnitz was a mere venue in the struggle for the prerogative interpretation of a tragic event.”

Meanwhile, the cheerleaders in the mainstream media have lost all restraint. For example, Margarete Stokowski wrote an article in Der Spiegel entitled “There can never be enough Antifa”.

“Now the thing with Antifa is that no one would need them if there were no more Nazis. (…) Whoever equates the Antifa with a few thugs and refers to them as the “public enemy”, not only over-simplifies things but they are also wrong. Antifa in Germany carries out useful work in educating, informing and mobilising the public, which contributes towards this country not becoming even more gloomy, and whoever dismisses all of this has either not done their research properly or they don’t want to know better.”

The German paper Taz is also in full Antifa mode:

“#wearemore must now be followed by #weareeverywhere:

We must stand against the Right in every city, every village, and in private. No space can be given to the AfD and its accomplices.”

This is a method behind this concentrated madness which is being mobilised. It is the desperate defensive battle of the “truth systems” against the reality which is penetrating their bubble. And because its dominance is based on lies and denying reality, it’s also the fear of losing power that drives the establishment and its apologists.

The narratives of the hostile factions are diverging as never before, “I can see something that you can’t see”.

Did we see violence from foreigners or from right-wingers in Chemnitz? What is the bigger problem of the two? Which of them is a bigger threat to the social fabric, the peace and domestic security? Which one of the two causes the highest number of victims? Did we see a “mob”, hellbent on hunting people down? Or rather predominantly peaceful and normal citizens, who demonstrated against an ongoing bad state of affairs which the government that agitates against them is responsible for?

The answer is clear to anyone who wants to see it.