Activists from Generation Identity UK & Ireland have joined 200 other young activists and attended their first Summer University in France. The Summer University has generated extensive media interest in the United Kingdom, with the Independent describing it as a `far-right paramilitary training camp.´ However, the experiences of Generation Identity activists have painted a very different picture.

Mike Wrenn, an English activist, said “As an ex-scout, I felt completely at home at the Summer University. The activities here were highly similar to organisations back in the UK and in no way deserve the negative press coverage. This has been an invaluable experience for me and I highly recommend it to other patriotic young people throughout Europe.”

What is the ‘Summer University?’ The SU is a gathering of Identitarian activists throughout Europe, who engage in seminars, lectures and sport. The fundamental purpose is to offer activists character-building exercises through which to improve their capabilities in conducting non-violent metapolitical actions.

Generation Identity UK Leader Benjamin Jones said, “Journalists in the UK have been absolutely hysterical in their coverage of the Summer University. They´ve compared it to paramilitary training and even ISIS. Having attended the SU personally, I now have a real and practical insight into the full extent of their misleading, dramatising narratives. I´m proud to have attended and will no doubt be back in future.

Seminars covered topics ranging from the mistakes of conspiratorial narratives, the necessity of non-violent action and the works of Homer and Aristotle. Every evening, attendees gathered around a campfire in order to sing traditional folk songs and share experiences of their activism.

Just how British journalists came to believe that a paramilitary camp could exist for sixteen years in the heart of France remains a mystery. Based upon their personal experiences, British Generation Identity activists have encountered only passionate, reasonable activists who wish to make a stand for their culture and civilisation and are open and proud about their attendance.