How to Get Active


This is a summary of the three steps that Generation Identity suggest to patriots who want to get active. It is a route to the other side of the wall of political correctness: to the new right grove of resistance.


Order these books and study them. Organise a reading circle with friends:

  • Douglas Murray- The Strange Death of Europe
  • Guillaume Faye- Why We Fight
  • Paul Collier – Exodus
  • Jean Raspail – The Camp of the Saints
  • Srdja Popovic – Blueprint for Revolution
  • Dr. Bill Warner – The Islamic Trilogy

* Subscribe to and read counter-cultural media online regularly.

2. Get active on the Internet

Create a Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter account, and use it to share content from the counter-culture and participate in debates.

Follow patriotic groups such as Generation Identity and Defend Europe on Twitter & Facebook.

Comment on relevant online articles, repost and share our content and participate in political surveys.

3. Get active on the Streets

Acquire some patriotic stickers and flyers. With these you can advertise your presence in your city or your area to other patriots who are ‘under the radar’. Flyers can be laid out, for example, in public areas where others will see them.  Get active in your city!

* Please don’t post our stickers on private property or near religious buildings.

Join the Movement

  • Sign up with the Identitarian Movement or similar group and decide where fits you best.
  • Make a note of all patriotic events in the calendar and be there as often as you can.
  • Consider joining political parties and get active within them in your area.

Anyone who can’t check off every point (other than maybe purchasing clothes) of this checklist has no right to complain. The patriotic movement will not achieve its full potential until as many of us as possible reach our fullest potential. How can Europe be “lost” if we have not yet even really attempted a rescue? It begins and is determined always by you, the individual: The Reconquest must begin in your heart first. Get active!

NOTE: This list is constantly being expanded and is not yet complete. If you have any comments, send us a message.

Guidelines on Generation Identity

1. GI is no old-right wing movement. If you’re a part of any kind of national socialist/fascist/chauvinist group or have such ideas, please leave.

2. We stay out of any conflict outside of Europe. Members will not be permitted to use this movement to push pro/anti-Palestine or pro/anti-Israel views.

3. We don’t make any chauvinist remarks about other religions/ethnicities/races – not even for fun. We strive to be the avant-garde of this generation – behave like such or leave.

4. Political activism is hard work, won’t give you any money and requires lots of discipline. Be aware of it.

Promotional Material



(click on ‘Aufkleber’ for the English stickers)



Make a patriotic mark every day with clothing: