As you may be aware, an individual connected to Hope not Hate has infiltrated our organisation. Specifically, they became a member of the Identitarian Foundation, gaining limited access to several Telegram messenger chats. Although we have stringent measures in place for new recruits, we have always been aware that an event such as this was inevitable, only being a matter of time. For those who are unaware of these revelations, you may consult the following links:

Hope not Hate report:

The Guardian:

Infiltration has not been a great concern. For the majority of us, our faces and names are already a matter of public record. More importantly, as we aren’t involved in criminal or extremist activities, there is almost no chance of incriminating information being discovered by someone. Upon reading the articles, you will notice the attempt to create a sense of drama. One talks of the infiltrators ‘paranoia’ upon attending a meeting, as if being discovered would put him in danger, rather than simply being dismissed and removed from our chats. This is an early suggestion that this operation, almost six months in execution, has yielded nothing of particular note.

As a result, Hope not Hate quickly falls back on guilt by association, focusing heavily on who we invited to the conference, and in turn, who the speakers themselves are associated with. While we make no excuses for the past statements, actions and associates of certain speakers, we equally make no apology for having hosted them. We will not allow our political opponents to decide who we can have discussions with, nor allow them to decide the acceptable frame of debate. To do so would mean falling before the first hurdle.

Hope not Hate possess a favourite refrain whenever our movement faces issues: “the UK Identitarian Movement is divided, dwindling, and doomed”. In their report they use messages taken from our chats, falsely presenting them as evidence of splits, as if organisations never have internal disagreements. Time has proven them to be poor fortune tellers, having already predicted our swift demise at least twice this year. This should be considered incontrovertible proof by the broad patriotic movement that Hope not Hate has far less power than once believed. On the contrary, they should be considered laughable.

The most damaging discovery is that two of our associates are employed by the Royal Navy. Hope not Hate claim that such was their concern and fright upon this realisation, they cut the investigation short to “sound the alarm”. This is a transparent attempt at excusing their targeting of two individuals’ jobs as civic duty. Little doubt can be had that they would render us all jobless if possible. Public naming and targeting of individuals’ jobs seems likely to increase the possibility of radicalisation. Does this not contradict their stated goals?

The Guardian and Observer are forced to admit that we have neither been involved in nor connected with any form of violence. We are metapolitical fighters, wielding courage, discipline, and endurance in abundance. Our most effective response to this takedown attempt, as ever, will be our continued success and growth. Our actions will speak for themselves.


James O’Neill is an Identitarian author and commentator, and a member of the Identitiarian Movement.