On Saturday the 12th of January, a healthy delegation from Generation Identity UK participated in the annual Saint Genevieve March in Paris. Led by our French counterparts in Génération Identitaire, 700 patriots peacefully marched through Paris celebrating the life of Saint Genevieve. Genevieve is a much-loved symbol of resistance to invasion and foreign occupation in France, especially in the capital city. As the legend goes, Saint Genevieve saved Paris from the Huns in 451 by compelling the inhabitants to pray rather than flee. She’s also credited with parlaying with the Frankish king Childeric, convincing him to show clemency and mercy to the inhabitants during a siege against the city. Such devotion to her home and the people with whom she belonged naturally commands the respect of Identitarians everywhere.

Whilst the Paris of our era is currently gripped by political turmoil and protests, the march itself was remarkably peaceful and unfolded without incident. With great dignity and meticulous planning, the 700 patriots chanted ‘Paris, Paris, Patrie’ or ‘Paris, Paris, Fatherland.’ Dozens upon dozens of torches lit up the streets and heraldic banners were unfurled as far as they eye could see. It was unlike anything in Britain and emphasised how much more developed and established the patriotic and populist movements of the Continent truly are than anything we have in the English-speaking world.



Whilst Generation Identity is young in the UK, having been established a year ago, the Movement has existed in the likes of France for nearly two decades. Since then it’s spread to the likes of Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Great Britain. British Identitarians are committed to establishing closer ties with other branches and building this great network of activists. Last year activists attended the Summer University just outside of Lyon, where Identitarians gather to study, strategise and network. We also visited various branches of the German Identitare Bewegung around the city of Dresden. Only by working together on a Continental scale can European patriots hope to surmount the globalist project and establish an effective resistance to their schemes. In 2019, Generation Identity UK fully intends to integrate itself further into the broader Identitarian Movement. It is, I believe, this active network of activists and our willingness to learn from more tried and tested branches that’ll prove critical to our own branch’s ultimate success.

Benjamin Jones,

Leader of Generation Identity UK

To see a livestream of the march, click this link: