Update – The UN Migration Pact

In the last GISG Newsletter, we examined the UN Migration Pact which is due to be finally signed at a UN summit in Marrakesh, Morocco on 11 December 2018. The Pact has now been re-badged as the Global Compact for Migration (GCM), and is the latest stage in the creation of a global framework of both binding, and ‘advisory’ supra-national agreements and structures relating to mass migration. The effect of that inter-locking framework is to create and embed formal mechanisms that will result in the Great Replacement of Europeans in their homelands.

The GCM builds on the Marrakesh Agreement May 2018, and The Barcelona Declaration 1995, and is the latest in a continuing programme of global governance policy formation designed to prevent democratic control over borders and nations. An outline of the GCM, and the earlier Marrakesh Agreement, and the Barcelona Declaration can be found in our last two GISG Newsletters, to which the reader is referred.


Recent Developments

Over the last few weeks there have been developments in relation to the GCM that we report on here. The UN itself has begun a propaganda programme to support the upcoming December summit, although, so far, it has been a limited offensive. Unsurprisingly, very little, if anything, has appeared in the mainstream media about the GCM, neither have mainstream politicians made any commentary (at least, not in the UK). However, the Identitarian Movement in Europe has begun to raise awareness, and some patriotic politicians have begun to talk about the threat posed by the GCM.


UN Propaganda

A month ago, the UN released a short propaganda film, ‘What is the Global compact for migration?’

Featuring smiling women and children throughout, the UN propaganda presents mass migration as an unalloyed good. Dealing in absolutes, the film states that ‘migration is an engine of growth and entrepreneurship’, and that migrants sent ‘$450 billion to developing countries in 2017’, while spending ’85% of their earnings in their host countries’. No opposing arguments or statistics are presented.

The film does, however, make clear that the GCM is ‘the first ever agreement to cover all aspects of international migration’. In this, it is correct, as all aspects, both direct and indirect are covered. It will embed standards that all signatories will be expected to adhere to, and those standards will cover not only the facilitation of mass migration into Europe and the West, but will also require governments to present strongly positive narratives surrounding migration, while taking steps to prevent, and punish, opposition to mass migration and the Great Replacement.

Although the UN film has been in circulation for a month, it has had no wider coverage. On YouTube, there have only been 6,464 views. Interestingly, it has received over 1,000 ‘dislikes’ and only 36 ‘likes’. Further, of the 258 comments, the overwhelming majority are hostile to the GCM and the UN.

What is interesting is that, in keeping with the run-up to the signing in December, this small, unheralded video, represents the UN’s main information on the GCM to the public. Similarly, in the UK, only one article has appeared in any mainstream media outlet, either print or broadcast, about the GCM. That article was a highly supportive one in The Guardian, but of course.


Alerting the People to the Threat

Although the mainstream media and politicians have failed to alert the public to the GCM and its clear dangers, others have begun to highlight the threat. The Austrian Identitarian Movement (IBO) has led the way, with its co-leader, Martin Sellner, producing seven German-language videos about the GCM. In addition, the IBO have established an important campaign website against the GCM, which is full of detail about the pact and its implications:

This activity has raised the profile of the issue in Austria, and, to some extent in Germany, and now Austria has followed the lead of Hungary and the United States and refuse to sign the pact. This is highly unlikely to happen in Germany, although Alternative for Germany (AfD) politicians are protesting against the GCM.


In the United Kingdom, the only politician that has raised the GCM is the leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten, MEP. In a tweet of 17 October, Batten commented:

UN Global Compact For Safe, Orderly & Regular Migration. Euro Parl will vote on this at the end of 2018. It seeks to make illegal immigration legal, make it easier, and criminalise opposition under ‘racism & xenophobia’ laws. If they succeed then millions more will come.

By the time the European ‘Parliament’ votes on it, the GCM will be a done deal – as usual, the European ‘Parliament’ simply acts as a dictatorship’s rubber stamp. At the moment, Gerard Batten is the only elected politician to have identified the threat.


GENERATION IDENTITY UK & IRELAND are taking steps to alert people to the GCM. We have posted about the pact on our social media accounts, and we have started a Petition to Stop the UN Migration Pact. Make sure you sign it, and share it as widely as possible on all social media outlets.

What you can do

Very few people have heard of the GCM, even fewer understand the implications. The first step is to get the news of this highly dangerous pact out. You can:

  1. Make sure you understand the GCM and its implications. Follow up on the various links provided above.
  2. Sign GI’s petition.
  3. Tell your friends and family about the pact and explain the danger that it poses to our existence as Europe and the West, and the threat to our basic democratic liberties.
  4. Keep in touch with GI, support our growing campaign.

Please sign and share our petition to raise awareness.